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It's not a crazy life, but it's mine.

I think back to when I was a little girl at 8 years of age, leaving Scotland to embark on a new journey with my mum and my step dad (my dad) to this foreign country of Australia. I don't ever remember feeling scared at leaving everything I knew, I just remember having my mum with me and knowing that that was all I needed. I know that my girls will feel the same.

A little about me. My name is Lynn Finlay - well I'm married I just haven't got around to changing my name because that's a fucking task in itself. I have grown up on Larrakia Land in the Top End of Australia. More commonly known as Darwin. I've been in Darwin for 33 years, arriving as a young Scottish girl at 8 and losing my accent within 12 months making me officially an Aussie.

I finished my schooling and attempted university but I was shit at it. I remember reading a marketing book thinking who the fuck wrote this and why is that the only way we should learn. Clearly a little entrepreneurial spirit back then.

So I started my career where most Territorians do - the Northern Territory Government. It suited me well, it paid me well and I worked my social life around my job. I took two lots of leave without pay, I'd do my job hungover as fuck and then I hit a point at the 10 year mark when I realised it was stealing my soul. When I resigned I said those exact words to my boss. I also told said the words "it's not you, it's me". Like a full breakup. Who does that?

From NT Government to Colon Hydrotherapy. Obvious switch. Cleaning up the world, one asshole at a time. I bought a colonics business first, then did the study second, then travelled the world for three months before coming back to Darwin and opening the NT's only colonics clinic. I owned it for 10 years and I have to say it is honestly the most soul filling work I have ever done. I shared many a moment with clients, having great chats while sticking speculums in their bottoms. It was bliss. Then we hit that fatal 10 year mark again. Insert mid life crisis.

Leave everything behind and start a new life somewhere else. Let's try get into the tech and corporate world by studying Product Management and to maintain balance, my Breathwork Facilitator Training. Hopefully I can score a gig in Web3 while cleaning colons and teaching breathwork. I promise I don't have a personality disorder.

In amongst all of that, I'm mum of two extremely strong willed girls, Mila and Lola and wife to the absolute King of my world, Noodles. Sometimes you just gotta risk it for the biscuit and seek adventure, a total life upgrade and be optimistic that it will all work out.

Lynn x

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