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As the days pass

We have settled somewhat into our new Bali life in Canggu and just as that settled feeling starts to unfold, we are on the move again. This last month had us doing another visa run, this time back to D-Town, my home of 33 years. It was mixed feelings going back, I miss the people immensely but my time in Darwin was definitely up and I could feel it instantly upon landing. I think the last few months in Darwin were so incredibly full on for us that the emotions and memories of that just got brought up again and I instantly felt so tired and run down.

I packed up and left my crew a few days early as I had a 29 hour trip booked to Melbourne to surprise my bestie for her birthday. It was a flight through the night, a party like it was 2013 and a very sleep deprived mama bear. There’s something about a group of mums who get to break away from our kids and family life for a few hours, we get fucking loose. The next day had me up early ready for my flight to Darwin but not without getting a real taste of inflation in Australia with my $36 avo on toast and chai latte breakfast in St Kilda. Yes, I almost choked when handing over a fifty and getting $14 back.

The trip to Darwin was a mix of work and catching up with friends. It was lovely to see Mila play with her friends again and also see our lifelong friends. The goodbyes thankfully weren’t as bad this time and after a quick four days we were back on the plane and returning to the Island of the Gods. There’s something about arriving at Bali airport, the smell of incense, the hustle of everyone wanting to give you a ride, a little sense of fuck yeah, we are back.

We just spent the most wonderful five days with my mum visiting from the Gold Coast. We wanted to show her what life has been like since we left Darwin over five months ago. We had her on a scooter within minutes, eating at our favourite places and sipping coconuts on the beach. The days just passed so quickly but we loved having her here and showing her what island life is all about as a local – well kind of local. Mila has been loving her gymnastics classes, horse riding and surfing and hating her tutoring. Ain’t no time for maths and English when there’s way too much other cool stuff to do. Low risk Lola has even managed to get a surf in and after a lot of enticing finished a set of waves and declared that she was out there ‘surfing really big waves’. The opportunities for the girls are endless in Bali and every day looks different. Although it is said that kids work best when in routine I really have to question why? Being spontaneous and teaching them to be resilient when things don't go to plan seems like its working too.

As the days pass I sit and wonder if this could be life. What would life look like if we just pulled the trigger and decided fuck it, we choose this? There’s something about waking up in Bali, jumping on the scooter with zero road rules and pulling up to my pilates class overlooking the hazy rice fields. Being able to head out with friends and dinner turns into singing loudly at karaoke bars because you have a nanny looking after your kids for an affordable fee. It’s the time we get with one another, the day spas and self-care that we never did in Australia because we never had the time and it simply cost too much. The energy I can conserve because I don’t cook and clean every night and the endless activities that the girls get to experience because Bali honestly has it all. From horse riding, gymnastics, surfing, water parks and endless art activities. It really is a kids paradise. It’s being able to go out without breaking the budget whether it be breakfast, lunch and dinner and where your kids are welcomed always with a high five and huge smile. It’s the feeling of being spontaneous every single day. So I wonder what if?

We have flights booked back to Australia in November to spend Christmas with my family on the East Coast. It’ll give us a chance to see where the feelers are and decide if that life will be for us. I mean moving to the Sunshine Coast really isn’t the worst consolation and the drive to be closer to family as my parents age is what’s getting us there. We have Mila on a waitlist at a school and have looked at schooling options for her and Lola will just slot into whatever plan we have next. The aim is to have us both working in a somewhat remote capacity so that we can have the flexibility to move and work….and no I still don’t know what work looks like for me. That’s a who new blog.

We will stay open minded about our future with no real set plans on what or where we will be. I can tell you that we have a roof over our heads for the next 12 days but after that who knows. Crazy right? We leave Canggu on Friday and make our way to the Uluwatu side of the Island. We have booked another AirBnB which will take us through to mid October. It’ll be beach days, paddle boards and hopefully some day passes at snazzy resorts that we can bombard. Our beautiful nanny Itha will be making the journey with us so we can call upon her for help when the kids and I need a break from each other. As the weather starts to heat up and become a little more humid it is still nothing on Darwin. The sun has been shining most days and we are yet to experience torrential rain which I’m sure will bring a very different Bali vibe. I will sit with this space and time and enjoy it knowing that in a few weeks we will return to Australia. Back to the road rules, wearing seatbelts and the exorbitant cost of living. Taking a break from life for six months though as been incredible for our family to completely reassess and know that life can be done differently if you just take the risk. I know some thought we were absolutely crazy and some just simply didn't understand but what I know is that I am so proud of us. Until next time.


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