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The Other Side

We have made it to the other side of the Island of the Gods and just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, it has. We packed up our Villa in Canggu and crammed ourselves into a car to head over to Uluwatu. When I say crammed, I mean it. We ordered an XL car due to the amount of shit we have accumulated over our time here and in true Bali style an XL car didn’t turn up even though the driver insisted it was…but also in true Bali style they just make shit work and so he had us squeezed into that thing in no time.

We checked into our next Airbnb which was closer to the Jimbaran area and more in the burbs which wasn’t a bad thing. Uluwatu is a lot more spread out so simply walking to a café like we did in Canggu isn’t an option. Our new temporary home was a little older but I booked it as it was set up perfectly for kids. The owner is Hawaiian, and his wife is Balinese, they have three boys and are spending the next three months in Hawaii to get out of the rainy season. Another little sign for how I see our future. Partial living in Australia and somewhere else, maybe Bali. The girls quickly settled in loving all the new toys and activities that the owners had left. They also have a full time housekeeper that works from Monday to Friday so I am now not meant to clean dishes, make beds or do my washing. Just when I got excited about having a few responsibilities in the day they are taken away again. Ha!

Our days have been spent just beaching. Our first beach trip was to Melasti which was recommended to us from another travelling family. Super safe for the kids as it is surrounded by a reef and is home to the famous Sunday’s beach club. You can hire out canoes and stand-up paddle boards to go exploring or a day bed for $15 (for two people), a little more than we are used to paying but for shade it’s a bargain. Melasti Beach has a small entry fee which they use to maintain the fantastic roads that they have built to get into it, and we will be heading back there on the weekend to spend the day with some friends.

Next on the list was Padang Padang and again this beach is perfect for the kids. Most of the more popular beaches now charge to use them and Padang Padang was around $5 including parking. The water temperature has been absolutely perfect, and the clarity is incredible so Mila has been spending her days only coming up for air. I’m sure she was a mermaid in a past life.

We took the kids to visit that huge statue that you’ve probably all seen when landing in Bali but never known what it was. It was about a four minute scoot from where our Airbnb was so it was an easy tourist option to show the girls some culture. The Garuda Winsu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK) turned out to be the second place we lost Lola. The first being the La Brisa markets. This park is huge and their plans for it are typical with how extravagant Bali does most things and that’s to eventually build water slides and villas around it and make it a huge tourist destination. We went with the tour option of going into the statue and making the trip up to the viewpoint to look over Bali. It cost around $30 per person (Lola was free) but if you go after 7pm you’ll get that at a 50% discounted rate. The tour took us up to the 9th floor where we learnt all about the history of GWK and then Lola decided to pop herself into the elevator and take herself up to the 23rd floor unattended. Great parenting once again and my heart was in my throat thinking about how many eye rolls my mum would be doing once she heard this information. Turned out we didn’t need to panic that much as the tour guides were doing that for us and before we knew it one of them had gone up to get her. I have to say I was surprised at low-risk Lola and how gutsy that was. As she came back into my arms scared and not letting go she was very sheepish about her little solo adventure to the top floor. Another lesson for both of us but especially for me, you literally can’t take your eyes off your kids.

After having the kids for five days straight it was time to call in our wonderful Nanny Itha to handball them over for a few hours. She’s super flexible and can basically be called upon to help in the same day if we need. We originally met her working on the beach in Legian when we first arrived and as a young mum herself working with our family is much better and consistent work for her so we try to have her a few times a week. It also allows Noods and I to have time together which is something we rarely had when we lived in Darwin. This means that day dates are our thing now. As I write this, I am currently sitting at Single Fin looking over the Indian Ocean on the cliffs in Uluwatu. We went out for breakfast at a little place called Tarabelle where they do $5 breakfasts better than the $36 one I paid for in St Kilda. We had a swim at the beach, a good scooter session and now sitting doing some work watching the surfers. It really is a dream. I literally just said to Noods did he ever think that when he met me for the first time passed out on his bathroom floor we’d be sitting here doing this. He said I was definitely wife material. Good answer.

Currently looking for our next temporary home on Aribnb which I’ll book tonight. Unfortunately the place we are in was already booked so another move is on the cards. With only a few weeks left of our six month adventure we will try and pack in as much as we can especially since the rain hasn’t started and the beach is just too tempting. We still have mixed feelings about coming back to Australia. Missing a lot of things but also aware that the cost of living is far beyond what we’ve been spending in Bali so we will just sit with it when we are home.

I’ve had a couple of requests to do a blog purely on activities and best places for kids so I will get to that soon. Until then sampai jumpa Australia. See you soon.


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