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When the distractions go.

Has it been over a month since I last posted? What have I even been doing?

We checked out of Canggu for a trip back to our favourite island Nusa Lembongan. We left booking accommodation really late, as in I booked it the day before we were set to leave so the availability was down bad. We ended up in another little guest house like most of the accommodation on Nusa Lembongan which was around $65 per night. I’d booked the first week there to ensure we had a roof to put over the girls’ heads and figured I’d sort the rest of the stay when we were on the island.

The guest house was fine and fine is a word we use when it’s not great but it’ll do. I feel like these are the little lessons that the girls will learn throughout this journey. Lola thinks everywhere is a palace and Mila is now learning what value for money is. The two weeks looking back seemed to fly, our days were filled with the beach, daily walks lots of scooter adventures and our first scooter crash which thankfully we all survived with minimal injuries. I highly recommend Nusa Lembongan for families, it’s such a chilled vibe, roads are easy to scoot around and traffic is minimal. We stay around the Mushroom Bay area as the water is blissful and it’s really safe for the kids to swim.

We are now back in Canggu for a five week stint. This has meant that we can get some kind of solid activities in place and Mila now does gymnastics three times a week, a horse riding lesson once and week and a tutor two times a week. The difference here though is that we have the time to do these as a family and while Mila participates she has her cheer squad in mum, dad and Lola on the sideline. We also have more of a regular nanny and we have met the most beautiful person to help us. We have found a townhouse in Umulas which is costing a fortune but we love it. The rental market here is booming so for those of you thinking Bali is cheap for longer term rentals, it isn’t.

Our days are filled with catching up with visitors, beach time and really doing whatever we want. Each day is a new adventure like when we tried to save some turtles last week. Mila had been given $50 from her Aunty to spend for her birthday and after seeing turtles for sale swimming around in bags the size for a goldfish she approached the man in the market stall and abruptly said “how much for all of them”. Our plan was to set them free on the beach and watch them swim out to sea but things don’t always go to plan and we quickly learnt that they weren’t sea turtles but Brazilian turtles and they would pretty much destroy the Bali eco system if we set them free in a local river. Imagine being the people responsible for a rice drought in Bali. There’s always a lesson and that one was that things don’t always go to plan after we sat and researched the Brazilian turtle for an hour.

The month ahead has us heading back to Darwin for the next visa run so I can train a new staff member in the clinic and then we will see what our Bali plans look like. Noodles is heading off on another football trip to Thailand this weekend and my mum comes to visit for her birthday in late September. It seems like the month of September will just fly by and as much as I don’t want it to I am noticing how uncomfortable I feel with time when all of the distractions are removed.

Learning how to sit with it and feel the ease of not doing much has brought days of absolute frustrations and boredom which then turns into feelings of unworthy. Why are we like this as humans? It’s like we have what we wished for for so long and once it’s here then our focus goes elsewhere to a new want. It’s hard to feel like this life is ok. I try to remind myself that I worked so hard for ten years to get here but even so the guilt of not working (much) right now can be a lot, especially when the people here work so hard and are just so happy. It’s finding that balance where I am fed not only through time with my children and husband but also through my work.

I have a few ideas floating around and I’m hoping that by allowing myself the time and space something soon enough will just pop. So where to from here? Well our days in Canggu will come to a close and we will venture over to the Uluwatu side for our final few weeks in Bali. Six months of absolute freedom on this island where the people are the most beautiful in the world and nothing is too hard. When I think what it is that I’ll miss the most it will be the people. The kind smiles, the helping hands, the wiping down of the hot scooter seat for my girls. There’s something about the people here, they are endlessly happy, you receive a genuine smile all the time and solid high five. Their outlook on life is admirable and I know is something that I will take away with me when we do come home. Until then I will sit and wait and work on myself with patience and be thankful that we are here doing this. There will still be hard days and that’s ok. There will still be frustrations, I’m only human. I know I will look back on this time and be so fucking grateful that we did it because I know one thing for sure, we will never get this time back.


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